This page lists all the marriage certificates in date order.  Some of them have been published to the family website and will be found by clicking on the relevant button. Where there is no button, the document has not been published, and it is by no means certain that it belongs to "our Gowlland line"; but a copy of it, in the form of a JPG or GIF file, can be emailed to you - simply request it from John Gowlland by clicking here, quoting the number in the left hand column.


? Available   Marriage Date   Gowlland [?] Family Name   Spouse's Name
M16750710   10th July 1675   Robert Gowland   Elizabeth Lucke
M16810915   15th September 1681   John Gowlland   Mary Ruush
M16831126   26th November 1683   Elizabeth Gowland   Thomas Row  (Licence)
M17010114   14th January 1701   John Gowland   Catherine Harriett
M17051010   10th October 1705   Elizabeth Symons   Jeffrey Coppin [?]
M17051016   16th October 1705   Thomas Golder   Anne Hammond
M17060711   11th July 1706   William Sutton   Ann Norris
M17170501   1st May 1717   Stephen Golder   Anne Pilcher
M17170514   14th May 1717   Mary Cowland   Andrew Clifford
M17190601   1st June 1719   Mary Castle   Henry Rous
M17261224   24th Dec 1726   Lazarus Thornton   Mary Despaigne
M17350208   8th February 1735 MC   Joseph Gowlland   Susannah Maple
M17351009   9th October 1735   Eleazar Thornton   Mary Fleming
M17371226   26th Dec 1737   Margaret Pilcher   William Simmons
M173600224   24th February 1760   Thomas Goland of Udimore   Elizabeth Wilshere
M17621009   9th October 1762   George Gowlland   Ann Norris
M17630927   27th September 1763   Susannah Gowlland   Thomas Faulser
M17690614   14th June 1769   James Fenn   Mary Symons
M17700929   15th October 1770   Joseph Gowlland   Ann Gardner
M17701111   11th November 1770   Stephen Gowlland   Sarah Symons       [Licence}
M17701112   11th November 1770   Stephen Gowlland   Sarah Symons       [Marriage]
M17721224   24th December 1772   Thomas Gowlland   Hannah Bayford
M17781228   28th December 1778   Rejoyce Gowlland   John Rowe
M17871030   30th October 1787   Stephen Gowlland   Elizabeth Morley
M17891007   7th October 1789   Elizabeth Gowlland   George Wallace Carpenter
M17900502   2nd May 1790   Elizabeth Gowlland   William Vaughan
M17920728   28th July 1792   William Pearce   Elizabeth Creed
M17920831   31st August 1792   Richard Symons Gowlland   Sarah Sankey
M17930728   28th July 1793   Ann Gowlland   Nicholas Godden
M17980523   23rd May 1798   Susanna Gowlland   George Pearce     [Licence]
M17980524   23rd May 1798   Susanna Gowlland   George Pearce     [Marriage]
M17990602   2nd June 1799   Thomas Gowland   Ann Pillinton
M17990805   5th August 1799   Stephen Gowlland   Jane West
M17990930   30th September 1799   John Welch   Margaret Ring
M18000816   16th August 1800   Anne Gowlland   Henry Waller
M18010509   9th May 1801   Sarah Gowlland   William Pearce     [Licence]
M18010510   9th May 1801   Sarah Gowlland   William Pearce     [Marriage]
M18021026   26th October 1802   Hannah Gowlland   Walter Mond
M18070228   28th February 1807   Josiah Gowlland   Peggy Thornton
M18121201   1st December 1812   Sarah Gowlland   Henry Goulden
M18160126   26th January 1816   Thomas Goffee   Jane Davenport
M18210607   7th June 1821   Richard Gowlland   Louisa Mary Yeames
M18250920   20th September 1825   Susannah Gowlland   John Richard Williams
M18260528   28th May 1826   George Castle Gowlland   Margaret Welch
M18280614   14th June 1828   James Gowland   Elizabeth Howard
M18280804   4th August 1828   Eliza Harnett Gowlland   George Norwood
M18310920   20th September 1831   Thomas Sankey Gowlland   Mary Ewing
M18320629   29th June 1832   James West Gowlland   Jane Carter
M18320000   Unknown 1832   Jane Gowlland   Samuel Cox
M19350628   28th June 1835   Henry Orford   Jane Goffee
M18350726   26th July 1835   Mary Gowlland   John Dailey
M18361017   17th October 1836   Ann Gowlland   William Fisher
M18390721   21st July 1839   Martha Gowlland   Henry Standen Pearce
M18400217   17th February 1840   Henry Gowland   Elizabeth Mackelder
M18460728   28th July 1845   Louisa Gowlland   Charles Bouverie
M18470223   23rd February 1847   William Gowlland   Emma Knight
M18470801   1st August 1847   Richard Symonds Gowlland   Jane Elizabeth Stapp
M18481106   6th November 1848   Selina Gowlland   John Goatham
M18490205   5th February 1849   Richard Gowlland   Susannah Simpson
M18490716   16th July 1849   Theophilus Heath Asmden   Emily Syle
M18500402   2nd April 1850   John Lake   Eliza Neame
M18520415   15th April 1852   Richard Gowlland   Louisa Ann Mayes
M18520815   15th August 1852   Ellen Gowlland   Henry Jones
M18530321   21st March 1853   Thomas Beaton   Julia Lee
M18540814   14th August 1854   Sarah Goulland   Magnus Annal (?)
M18541230   30th December 1854   Arthur Gowlland   Charlotte Sarah Brooks
M18550830   30th August 1855   Mary Louisa Gowlland   Henry Joscelyne
M18550901   1st September 1855   Selina Elizabeth Dailey   John Page Cooper
M18551224   24th December 1855   Charles Gowlland   Jesse Grace Wilkinson
M18560330   30th March 1856   Henry James Orford   Emma Maria Miller
M18561008   8th October 1856   Maria Goulland   Wilson McCormack
M18570416   16th April 1857   Peter Yeames Gowlland   Elizabeth Rosina Susan Wilkinson
M18570605   5th June 1857   George Gowland   Maria Thompson
M18570927   27th September 1857   George Castle Gowlland   Martha Mustart
M18580128   28th January 1858   George Gowland   Eliza Page
M18580722   22nd July 1858   Sarah Maria Gowlland   Philip Whitcombe
M18590427   27th April 1859   George Gowlland   Jane Orford
M18591006   6th October 1859   Henry Orford   Mary Dalziel
M18601112   12th November 1860   Elizabeth Lion Gowlland   Frederick Albert Henry Stephenson
M18610701   1st July 1861   Ann Blantyre   Joseph Nichols
M18610820   20th August 1861   Charles Gowlland   Susan Busby
M18611214   14th December 1861   Jane Hale Dailey   Thomas Hutchinson
M18621027   27th October 1862   Henry Govland   Emily Morley
M18631015   15th October 1863   Alfred Gowlland   Harriet Skelton
M18650704   4th July 1865   James Carter Gowlland   Jane Honey
M18660904   4th September 1866   Jane Gowlland   John Frederick Honey
M18680430   30th April 1868   Charlotte Dailey   Cornelius Edwin Garman
M18701211   11th December 1870   Maria Gowlland   Thomas Standing
M18721105   5th November 1872   Richard Symonds Gowlland   Louisa Newell
M18721126   26th November 1872   Louisa Ann Gowlland   Hermann Wilhelm Remy
M18730811   11th August 1873   Emma Gowlland   James Gifford
M18730917   17th September 1873   Joseph Gowlland   Annie Honey
M18740111   11th January 1874   Lydia Gowlland   Alfred Thomas Burland
M18740315   15th March 1874   Jane Gowlland   William Eady
M18750130   30th January 1875   Celia Gowlland   Alexander Oliver
M18750812   12th August 1875   Stephen Gowlland   Louisa Augusta Leversha
M18750914   14th September 1875   Richard Sankey Gowlland   Jessie Katharine Lake
M18770306   6th March 1877   Richard Gowlland   Mabel Agnes Blanche Ella Louisa Cope
M18770705   5th July 1877   Eliza Jane Gowland   William Krebs Hill
M18780415   15th April 1878   Alma Mayes Gowlland   Charles Pocklington
M18781102   2nd November 1878   Richard (Nova Scotia) Gowlland   Catharine McInnes
M18790413   13th April 1879   Eleanor Gowlland   George Weedon
M18790914   14th September 1879   William Robert Gowlland   Sarah Gill
M18740928   28th September 1879   Sarah Ann Gowlland   James Collier
M18810207   7th February 1881   Rebecca Gowlland   Edwin Hunt
M18860929   29th September 1886   Louisa Mayes Gowlland   Robert Lyle Amsden
M18870101   1st January 1887   Margaret Gowlland   William James Jones
M18910617   17th June 1891   Moses Tobias Ecker   Louisa Stotley
M18920220   20th February 1892   Henry Orford Gowlland   Mary Ann Brown
M18920820   20th August 1892   John George Blantyre Gowlland   Annetta Regina Lotinga
M18940904   4th September 1894   Minnie Ellen Gowlland   Arthur Beaton
M18941113   13th November 1894   George John Gowland   Ada Elizabeth Page
M18960405   5th April 1896   Charles Gowlland   Emily Wale
M18990805   5th August 1899   George Gowlland   Amelia Susannah Turnbull
M18990903   3rd September 1899   Louisa Jane Gowlland   John Horsley
M19000115   15th January 1900   Annetta Blantyre Gowlland   Michael Riney Ring
M19000728   28th July 1900   Edith Emma Gowlland   Aubrey Culley
M19010429   29th April 1901   Jane Annie Gowlland   Henry Pain (?) Moody
M19010601   1st June 1901   Jane Orford Gertrude Gowlland   Samuel James Gosland
M19020210   10th February 1902   Edward Lake Gowlland   Dorothy Mary Thornhill
M19020226   26th February 1902   Egbert Gowlland   Beatrice Louise Price
M19020607   7th June 1902   Richard Gowlland   Ethel Eliza Pottinger Fulton
M19020824   24th August 1902   Alice Jessie Gowlland   Sydney Gray
M19021004   4th October 1902   Charles Septimus Gowlland   Eveline Rosalie Stevenson
M19021015   15th October 1902   Josephine Miriam Gowlland   William Sandford Whitcombe
M19030228   28th February1903   Esther Gowlland   Harry Hummerstone
M19030317   17th March 1903   Thomas Arthur Gowlland   Annie Casson
M19030829   29th August 1903   Lily Gowlland   William John Bush
M19040801   1st August 1904   Elizabeth Darling Gowlland   Walter Edward Shrimpton
M19060424   24th April 1906   Francis Edward Gowlland   Emma Frances Dennis
19060825   25th August 1906   Stephen Leversha Gowlland   Lily Agnes Kemp
M19070731   31st July 1907   Joseph Honey Gowlland   Ethel Warren Bowden
M19090808   8th August 1909   William John Gowlland   Caroline Elizabeth Smith
M19100409   9th April 1910   John Leversha Gowlland   Evelyn Beatrice Butt
M19101019   19th October 1910   Mildred Mary Gowlland   Walter Simeon Hunt
M19121120   20th November 1912   Geoffrey Cathcart Gowlland   Vera Rose Marriott Smith
M19140302   2nd March 1914   Reginald Blantyre Gowlland   Clara Eleanor Jordan
M19170727   27th July 1917   Edward Lake Gowlland   Mary Florence Alexander née Reifenstein
M19180105   5th January 1918   Violet Gowlland   Charles Wallis
M19190823   23rd August 1919   Richard Archie Gowlland   Helen Lack
M19241112   12th November 1924   Alice Maud Cunningham   Abraham Ecker
M19281124   24th November 1928   Geoffrey Gowlland   Dorothy Ellen Procter
M19291109   9th November 1929   Reginald Blantyre Gowlland   Florence Pedelty
M19303029   29th March 1930   Leslie Gosland   Nancy Barbara Dougall
M19321208   8th December 1932   William Charles Gowlland   Sheila Kathleen Sawyer
M19331028   28th October 1933   Esther Georgiana Gowlland   John Mitcham
M19340605   5th June 1934   Geoffrey Price Gowlland   Amy Mary Raymond
M19340817   17th August 1934   Reginald Blantyre Gowlland   Phoebe Starkey Pauline Broomfield
M19340908   8th September 1934   Dennis Geoffrey Gowlland   Elsie Grace Wenham
M19350622   22nd June 1935   Melissa Gowlland   Charles Gresham Shillito
M19351021   21st October 1935   Elizabeth Gowlland   William Roy Watts