This page lists all the death certificates in date order.  Some of them have been published to the family website and will be found by clicking on the relevant button. Where there is no button, the document has not been published; but a copy of it, in the form of a JPG or GIF file, can be emailed to you - simply request it from John Gowlland by clicking here, quoting the number in the left hand column.


? Available   Death Date  

Deceased's Name

  Age   Occupation, or Father's Name if a minor      
D17071130   30th November 1707   Elizabeth Gowland   ?3   John Gowland - father     All Saints, Frinsdbury
D17100530   30th May 1710   John Gowland             All Saints, Frindsbury
D17130828   28th August 1713   Katherine Gowland       Widow     All Saints, Frindsbury
D17220407   7th April 1722   Mr Gowland   -   Nothing else known     Bunhill Field Burial Grounds  City Road  London
D17280417   17th April 1728   Thomas Goulder   -   Nothing else known (Hougham burial)      
D17361207   7th December 1736   Ann Golder       Parents - Joseph & Susanna Gowlland      
D17370506   6th May 1737   Thomas Golder       Parents - Joseph & Susanna Gowlland      
D17371028   28th October 1737   Joseph Golder       Parents - Joseph & Susanna Gowlland      
D17670610   10th June 1767   Elizabeth Gowlland   1   Daughter of George and Ann (née Norris)      
D17750425   25th April 1775   Sarah Gowlland   8 days   Daughter of Joseph and Anne      
D17770406   6th April 1777   Anne Gowlland   ?3   ? Daughter of George Gowlland and Ann (née Norris)      
D17791003   3rd October 1779   Benjamin Gowlland   2   Son of Joseph and Anne Gowlland      
D17801231   31st December 1780   Sarah Gowlland   1   Son of Joseph and Anne Gowlland      
D17810806   6th August 1781   George Golder       Possibly son of George and Anne Gowlland      
D17820303   3rd March 1782   Susannah Gowlland   ? 73   Susannah née Maple born c 1709      
D17880203   3rd February 1788   Richard Gowland   1   Abode St Georges Southwark     Spa Fields Chapel of Countess of Huntingdons Connexion,  St James Clerkenwell.
D17881109   9th November 1788   Joseph Gowlland   ? 74   Earliest known Gowlland born c 1714      
D17900000   1790   Joseph Gowlland   ?14   Presumably son of Thomas Gowlland b 1749      
D17920606   6th June 1792   Henry Godden   ?   Conceivably son of Henry Godden & Ann Gowlland      
D17941026   26th October 1794   Wlliam Henry Gowlland   2 mths   Son of Richard Symons Gowlland      
D17961120   20th November 1796   Joseph Gowlland   51   Son of Joseph and Susanna Gowlland      
D18020207   7th February 1802   Mrs Gowlland   -   Wife of Thomas Gowlland      
D18020228   28th February 1802   Stephen Gowlland   -   "From Mercery Lane"      
D18040118   18th January 1804   [Infant] Pearce   -   Infant of John and Elizabeth Pearce      
D18040923   23rd September 1804   Susanna Simmons   -   Wife of the late [ . . . . ] Simmons  -   [NOT Symons]      
D18041017   17th October 1804   Maria Mond [Infant]   -   Grand-daughter of Thomas Gowlland      
D18031009   9th October 1803   James Fenn Gowlland   8 mths   Son of Richard and Sarah Gowlland      
D18230413   13th April 1823   Ann Gowlland   76   Wife of Joseph Gowlland      
D18340928   28th September 1834   John Edwin Gowland   8 mths   Only identification - Old Kent Road     Bunhill Fields Burial Grounds  City Road  London
D18350408   8th April 1835   Hannah Gowlland   27   Unmarried daughter of Richard Symons Gowlland      
D18360513   13th May 1836   George Gowland   45   Only identification - Greenwich Hospital      
D18371126   26th November 1837   Ann Gowland   33   Solicitor's Wife      
D18381010   10th October 1838   Thomas Gowland   60   Lieutenant in the Army      
D18390601   1st June 1839   Mary Ann Tabrum Gowland   8   Son of William Edward Gowland, Gentleman      
D18400319   19th March 1840   Richard Gowland   3 mths   Son of Henry Gowland, Labourer      
D18431205   5th December 1843   Jane Gowlland   63   Widow of Stephen (Cooper) Gowlland      
D18441225   25th December 1844   William Gowland   18   "Surgeon"!      
D18470207   7th February 1847   Sarah Gowlland   75   Widow of Richard Gowlland      
D18470709   9th July 1847   Charles Bouverie   23   Independent      
D18490906   6th September 1849   William Gowlland   5 mths   Son of William Gowlland      
D18520227   27th February 1852   Maria Gowlland   50   Daughter of Richard Symons Gowlland      
D18520411   11th April 1852   Elizabeth Yeames   79   Widow of James Yeames      
D18520606   9th June 1852   Samuel Gowlland   6   Son of James West Gowlland      
D18541010   10th October 1854   William Gowlland   4   Son of William and Emma Gowlland      
D18550123   23rd January 1855   John Gowlland   16   Son of James West Gowlland      
D18560828   28th August 1856   Margaret Gowlland   56   Wife of George Castle Gowlland      
D18570410   10th April 1857   Eliza Lake   37   Wife of John Lake      
D18600104   4th January 1860   Jessie Grace Gowlland   23   Widow of Charles Gowlland      
D18600120   20th January 1860   Charlotte Gowlland   2   Infant daughter of George and Emma Gowlland      
D18600215   15th February 1860   William Gowlland   3   Infant son of Richard coach-painter Gowlland      
D18610101   1st January 1861   Jane Gowlland   16 mths   Infant daughter of William optician Gowlland      
D18611208   8th December 1861   Margaret Gowlland   76   Widow of Josiah Gowlland      
D18621030   30th October 1862   Mary Gowlland   50   Wife of Thomas Sankey Gowlland      
D18631215   15th December 1863   Richard Gowlland   40   Husband of Louisa Ann née Mayes      
D18650616   16th June 1865   Richard Gowlland   69   Captain RN      
D18660527   27th May 1866   John Dailey   25   Son of Mary nee Gowlland      
D18660918   18th September 1866   Thomas Gowlland   1   Son of William Gowlland      
D18670506   6th May 1867   John Gowland   41   Builder in Tasmania      
D18670711   11th July 1867   Louisa Mary Gowlland   67   Widow of Richard Gowlland      
D18670823   23rd August 1867   Alfred Charles Gowlland   8 wks   Son of Alfred Optician Gowlland      
D18680201   1st February 1868   Mary Dailey   56   Lunatic Asylum - Wife of John Dailey      
D18680321   21st March 1868   Mary Gowlland   88   Formerly a Milliner      
D18680331   31st March 1868   Joseph James Gowland   4 mths   Son of Jane Gowland   Tasmania      
D18680422   22nd April 1868   Emily Gowlland   13   Daughter of Thomas Sankey Gowlland      
D18680518   18th May 1868   Henry Gowland   63   Labourer      
D18710603   3rd June 1871   Richard Gowlland   56   Sign Painter      
D18711108   8th November 1871   Richard Gowlland   53   Mathematical Instrument Maker  -  suicide      
D18720206   6th February 1872   Thomas Sankey Gowlland   66   HM Coast Guard      
D18730201   1st February 1873   William Gowlland   50   Optician      
D18731207   7th December 1873   Jane Gowlland   64   Wife of James West Gowlland      
D18740705   5th July 1874   Jane Honey   32   Wife of John Frederick Honey      
D18600104   1st October 1874   James West Gowlland   73   Grocer      
D18750318   18th March 1875   Martha Agnes Gowlland   62   Wife of George Castle Gowlland      
D18760425   25th April 1876   Richard Symonds Gowlland   2   Infant son of Richard Symonds Gowlland, Carpenter      
D18760525   25th May 1876   William Symonds Gowlland   17 mths   Infant son of Richard Symonds Gowlland, Carpenter      
D18780123   23rd January 1878   James Gowland   82   Chronometer Maker - born in Sunderland      
D18781113   13h November 1878   Florence Gowlland   14   Daughter of Alfred Gowlland      
D18800822   22nd August 1880   Richard Symmonds Gowlland   2   Infant son of Richard Symmonds Gowlland, Joiner      
D18810513   13th May 1881   Henry Orford   66   Timber Dealer      
D18830320   20th March 1883   Arthur Gowlland   20   Compositor      
D18830701   10th July 1883   John Gowland   85   Labourer  Longford  Tasmania      
D18850822   22nd August 1885   Jane Cox   81   Widow of Henry Cox, dock labourer      
D18860114   14th January 1886   Richard Sankey Gowlland   40   Occupation "gentleman"      
D18860120   20th January 1886   Richard Sankey Gowlland   40   Burial record of above      
D18861123   23rd November 1886   Susan Gowlland   66   Widow of Charles Gowlland      
D18870901   1st September 1887   Harry Gowlland   5   Infant son of Richard Symonds Gowlland, Carpenter      
D18880308   8th March 1888   Charlotte Sarah Gowlland   57   Wife of Arthur Gowlland      
D18880519   19th May 1888   Jane Orford   72   Widow of Henry Orford      
D18891101   1st November 1889   Martha Pearce   74   Formerly Martha Gowlland      
D18900308   8th March 1890   George Gowlland   85   Optician journeyman      
D18900309   8th March 1890   George Gowl(l)and [as above]   85   [From Death Register]      
D18940425   25th April 1894   Charles Gowlland   67   Tinsmith      
D18941021   21st October 1894   Annie Gowlland   62   Governess      
D18950512   12th May 1895   Edward Sydney Gowlland   20   Optician      
D18950607   7th June 1895   Louisa Matthews   47   Widow of druggist      
D18960811   11th August 1896   Peter Yeames Gowlland   71   Surgeon      
D18970130   30th January 1897   Jane Gowlland   59   Wife of George Gowlland, Optician      
D18980527   27th May 1898   Susan Gowlland   78   Widow of Richard Gowlland, Coachpainter      
D18980804   4th August 1898   Richard Symonds Gowlland   50   Joiner - suicide      
D18991230   30th December 1899   Olive Emily Gowlland   16 mths   Daughter of Charles labourer Gowlland      
D19030417   17th April 1903   Alice Maud Cunningham   41   Mother of four illegitimate children      
D19031016   16th October 1903   Emma Gowland   2 days   Poss daughter of Charles Gowlland (b 1861)      
D19040422   22nd April 1904   Francis Samuel Gosland   9 mths   Son of Samuel and Jane Orford Gertrude Gosland      
D19071101   1st November 1907   Richard Gowlland   51   Florist      
D19080318   18th March 1908   John George Blantyre-Gowlland   39   Medical Practitioner (?)      
D19100126   26th January 1910   Jane Orford Gertrude Gosland   29   Wife of Samuel James Gosland      
D19111108   8th November 1911   George Gowlland   73   Microscope maker      
D19130206   6th February 1913   Katharine Mary Gowlland   34   Daughter of Richard Sankey Gowlland      
D19130601   1st June 1913   Louisa Gowlland   64   Widow of Richard Symonds Gowlland      
D19130708   8th July 1913   Catherine Gowlland   53   Widow of Richard Gowlland      
D19150209   9th February 1915   Elizabeth Rosina Gowlland   80   Widow of Peter Yeames Gowllands      
D19200122   22nd January 1920   Richard Gowlland   71   Painter      
D19221107   7th November 1922   Eveline Rosalia Gowlland   44   Wife of Charles Septimus Gowlland      
D19250719   19th July 1925   Esther Hummerstone   53   Daughter of Richard coachpainter Gowlland      
D19300718   18th July 1930   Ethel Warren Gowlland   52   Wife of John Honey Gowlland      
D19350627   27th June 1935   Selina Gowlland   68   Daughter of Richard coachpainter Gowlland      
D19360701   1st July 1936   Mabel Agnes Blanche Gowland   78   Widow of Richard Gowlland      
D19410114   14th January 1941   Joseph Honey Gowlland   66   Soap Manufacturer's Agent - suicide      
D19471101   1st November 1947   Francis Edward Gowlland   76   Marine Insurance Company      
D19530420   20th April 1953   Elizabeth May Dennis   76   Sister-in-law of Francis Edward Gowlland      
D19600202   2nd February 1960   Emma Frances Gowlland   87   Widow of Francis Edward Gowlland      
D19681215   15th December 1968   Charles Septimus Gowlland   90   Manufacturing Optician (Retd)